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Shropshire Yoga Classes and 1 to 1 Yoga Personal Training in Cheshire Shropshire

You only get one body so let's get it moving freely!

We offer Yoga :- Yoga Simple (good for beginners), Yoga core blast (for those short of time) or one to one yoga sessions, either at our small studio in Whitchurch or in the comfort of your home or office or at Pritchards Dance studio in Cheshire.

Any of these holding you Back:

  • Lacking strength and mobility?
  • Feeling off balance?
  • Tension stopping you moving the way you want?
  • Not able to get in the zone ?
  • Injury?
  • Niggling aches and pains?

It's all about body mechanics to counteract the everyday repetitive tensions and strains that we put on our bodies - from driving cars to sitting at a desk to lifting children or groceries. Then we expect our bodies to suddenly dance run or go to the gym or garden without a problem or ache. But guess what? The body doesn't work well like that and your body will let you know with aches pains. Together we can help your body to better health and let you get back to doing what you love doing most.

These yoga simple sessions are for you
If you know you need to desires relax but don't know how
If you want /need to get more stretch flexible
If you want to get more strength and stability but don't want to go to a gym with weights
If you want non pressured unjudgmental friendly environment

It's not complicated or intimidating just you and your mat in a room with a few friends and me
No heavy weights, no high intensity , no difficult equipment , no drill masters, no complicated routines to remember, no matching headbands and leg warmers (for those that remember jane Fonda - ok that's just me then), no judgement just friendly people

Progressive exercises which will

  • increase flexibilty and mobility
  • increase stability
  • strengthen and condition
  • increase balance posture
  • Develop breathing patterns - no flight or fight breathing here!

Which will all help get you enjoy life more

Call now for times and to reserve your place

P.s. Massage always helps too - and we can help there too!