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Skin Care - Facials

If you are looking for Specialist Skincare, Organic Products, Advanced Facial Treatments then we at Body and Beauty Therapy Studio are here to help you. We combine highly effective yet gentle organic products with advanced facial treatment technology (MicroCurrent/NonSurgicalFaciallift and MicroDermabrasion) to optimise the benefits to your skin and muscles. A Facial SkinCare Treatment will result in your skin feeling softer, looking better, holding makeup better and glowing with health !Body and Beauty Therapy Studio use Essentially Yours products which contain solely natural organic plant and vegetable derived ingredients to give maximum therapeutic benefits to the skin.

  • If you want to combine results with true relaxation
    • Facial Plus – The added extra for facials  which  makes  them not only results driven but extra relaxing  this includes  Massage,  Steam Treatment and Mask to truly revitalise and rehydrate your skin.
  • If you feel in the need of Relaxation, Pampering and Natural Products?
    • Then try our Pure Skin Care Treatment. This is a relaxing facial specifically tailored to your skins needs utilising Organic Products
  • If you are worried that Wrinkles, Lines And Drooping Skin are making you look older than you are?
    • Then try our Non Surgical Facial Lift Skin Care Treatment. This Microcurrent Treatment is a treatment that is designed to soften fine lines and wrinkles balancing and lifting your contours. It is applied in a course of treatments normally 2-3 a week for 10 treatments. The low current used has the ability to exercise your muscles with very little sensation to you. The gym workout for the face – without any effort! However like any gym program you need to follow a maintenance program to keep up the results achieved!
  • If you are concerned about Acne, Sunspots, Pigmentation, Sallow Skin, Dull Tired skin?
    • Then try our MicroDermabrasion Skin Care Treatment. The treatment will gently remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This leaves your skin smooth and clear with a much more even tone. This is a very popular treatment with celebrities. It is not as severe as a chemical peel given by a Dermatologist.
  • If you are looking for the best of both treatments ?
    • Then try our Ultra Facial Skin Care Treatment . This combines the muscle toning of Microcurrent with skin texture refining of Microdermabrasion
A Little Note To You...
  • Facials are wonderful for your skin but not so good for your hair style  - how about popping along the corridor for a wash and blow dry so you leave feeling on top of the world.
  • It is preferably to not wear makeup except lipstick and mascara after the facial in order to allow your skin to take the full benefit of the products however we do have a  great range of mineral based makeup which is perfectly suited to being used post facials to allow you to meet friends feeling amazing.

Price List

Ultra Facial Plus £80.00
Non Surgical Facial Lift Plus £60.00
Microdermabrasion Plus £60.00
Pure Facial £32.70
Luminous Facial Enzyme Peel £45.00
Are You Stuck For Time? – Enjoy the Same Great Results but in Condensed Facials
Ultra Facial £56.65
Non Surgical Facial Lift £38.60
Microdermabrasion £37.00
Opening Wide Eyes £25.00