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Not everyone is a fan of body hair and waxing is an excellent way of removing unwanted hair
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Eye Brow Shape
A Little Note To You...
  • Prior to Waxing
    • Please don’t have a fake tan just prior to waxing or it will come off with the wax!
    • Please don’t shave in between waxing the regrowth pattern will be uneven
  • Aftercare
    • For 24 hrs after you've been waxed, avoid sun, deodorant, really hot showers/baths, chlorinated pools, solariums, spas and saunas as these will irritate the skin.
    • After 48 hours exfoliate or Dry body brush, then two or three times a week after, but please don’t overdo this as this could cause ingrown hairs. Moisturise regularly .
    • Please don’t apply fake tan for at least 48 hours
Frequently asked questions
  • How long does the hair need to be?
    • The hair should be NO SHORTER than a grain of rice. The longer the hair, the more painful it will be, so you it is an idea to trim the hair before your appointment .
  • How long will the results last?
    • Everyone's different. In most cases, you will see minimal regrowth during the first 3 weeks, with a noticeable increase after that. Continued waxing encourages slower, sparser regrowth.
  • How often should I be waxed?
    • It is recommended that you come in every 4 weeks for the first 4 appointments. You may then find that the you will be able to leave longer gaps between your appointments up to 6-8 weeks

Price List

Back £20.00
Chest £20.00
Back & Chest £35.00
Eye Brow Shape £8.00